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Bellissima: A Signature of Royal Elegance

Bellissima is a true one-stop shop for exquisite and affordable jewelry pieces that will please the most discerning of women. Gems of all kinds and colors are our passion. We routinely buy unique, individual gems from dealers and stone cutters from all parts of the world. We take care to set these stunning stones into only the most striking and beautiful settings.

Inspired by many traditions from all over the world, Bellissima mixes elemental shapes, vibrant colors and intricate carvings to create modern and spirited jewelry. Exploring the beauty of nature and the balance of form, our designer team combine traditional materials with original desig to create a timeless collection and an independant style.

Click the catalog below to view our latest artistry. For pricing or purchase information, call (770) 834-7307 or visit our store location.

Bellissima Catalog-Cover.jpg
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